weReport supports the service technicians with the systematized service reporting during and after successful completion of the customer service work. The module documents detected machine faults and work performed and evaluates the relevant information later on. It also makes it possible to record the materials used. The service technicians are supported by a standardized keyword system, which can be expanded with their own entries if required. From the logged information, weReport generates a service report. To optimize further company processes, the module can be connected to the company’s own ERP system. In this way, the information can be used even more easily and seamlessly for further processes. weReport thus offers increases in efficiency on many levels. The direct input of relevant data not only reduces the documentation effort, but also allows for later analysis. Statistical comparisons allow, for example, weak component groups or particularly susceptible machine types to be identified over a sensibly selected period of time. For this reason, the possibilities of data usage are individually coordinated with each machine manufacturer and user and adapted to the specific requirements.

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