By using weMonitor, machine manufacturers and operators keep an eye on all relevant data of their plants. The monitoring is based on modern Internet technologies and intelligent data processing. weMonitor is therefore the ideal basis for predictive maintenance and an effective production monitoring of machines and plants. To meet individual requirements, the software is exclusively configured and adapted.

The module has future-oriented predictive maintenance functions to map the extensive overall system. In order to implement preventive maintenance cost-efficiently, it is necessary to identify potential problems and incidents at an early stage. Therefore, weMonitor relies on innovative technologies that describe and analyze machines and plants with complex threshold values as a coherent system. Extensive possibilities for recording and analyzing sensor data allow to investigate the machine and plant behavior already during the development and initial operation phase. Predictive maintenance in conjunction with machine learning thus not only serves to increase plant availability, but also effectively reduces maintenance costs by predicting machine downtimes and defects.

As an innovative production monitoring system, weMonitor also visualizes the production process from the collected machine and plant data. These relate to cross-machine, process-oriented views as well as to views that contain relevant key figures (e.g. OEE) for each machine or plant. The data from production monitoring is linked with detailed sensor data relating to physical production processes to enable detailed analyses. On this basis, problem areas can also be quickly and effectively identified within the framework of lifecycle management and quality assurance.

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