RK Easywork – workstation systems


RK Easywork – workstation systems tailored individually to your production process

Ergonomics and the optimum coordination of all workflows are key features of the height-adjustable RK Easywork workstation systems from RK Rose+Krieger. This protects the well-being of employees and increases productivity.

The requirements of a manual workstation system are numerous, especially in the area of small and medium-sized series. As well as ergonomics, an optimum combination of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic assembly and inspection procedures represents the biggest challenge when designing a user-friendly workstation.

Configuring standard tables is straightforward with the online selection assistant

With the RK Easywork selection assistant, a complete assembly workstation can be configured online to meet ergonomic and task-specific requirements.

Step by step, the selection tool guides you through all of the options on the way to creating your ideal workstation. Additional lighting, holders for grab containers, foot rests, standing chairs and ESD accessories are all available, along with other useful devices.
The RK Easywork assembly workstation system is based on RK Rose+Krieger’s complete modular system. BLOCAN® construction profiles made from aluminium and the electrically driven lifting columns offer a perfect combination for the creation of high-quality table concepts. Customers can choose between the simplest static tables or electrically height-adjustable workbenches and configure their own combinations. You can then download the respective CAD data or a detailed data sheet for your self-configured workbench. You also have the option of sending an enquiry about this workstation system to RK directly.

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