Power also for miniaturized interfaces – Series M12x1 L-coding


Electric drives, devices and servo motors are increasingly used in the field directly in the machine or plant. In addition to signals and data, more and more power has to be transmitted. Miniaturization in automation means that field devices and controllers are becoming ever smaller.
Connectors overmoulded:
The finished overmoulded connecting cables are ready for installation and optimally protected against environmental influences and manipulation by the resistant TPU overmould.
The required installation space for these axial or angled versions is also kept to a minimum. The cables have a TPU cable sheath as standard, whereby other cable qualities are optionally available. The overmoulded M12 L-coded connectors require 30% less installation space compared to a 7/8″ connector. Due to the high current carrying capacity of 16 A with a strand cross-section of 2.5 mm², they are also able to ensure the power supply of devices via a miniaturised interface.

The socket connectors for device mounting are available in different versions. Socket connectors are available for both front and rear panel mounting. If required, key surfaces provide anti twist protection in the housing.

Axial sockets with stranded wire connection in male and female design are currently available. In addition, angled PCB sockets in female design for direct PCB mounting are available.

Connectors field attachable:
Axial female and male variants are available for the connectors that can be assembled; these are designed with a screw connection for a strand cross-section of up to 2.5 mm².

The advantage of the screw contacts is that they can be assembled very easily and several times.
The maximum connection cross section of 2.5 mm² and the very compact design (outer diameter 23 mm only) make it possible to transmit maximum power with this connector system.