Industrial telescopic lifter Hexalift 2.0


Our successful lifter family Hexalift has been on the market for a couple of years to manufacture ergonomically adjustable work benches and many thousands have been produced and delivered.
With the 2nd generation, Hexalift Generation 2.0 we added several innovative and practical features:

• The motor cable can be led out in two or three different positions. You can decide on which side of the lifter the cable should come out.
• The motor cable (D= 7mm) is pluggable. If it needs to be replaced, it can be easily done in shortest time.
• The motor cable has a square Molex Mini Fit Jr. plug (plug size 22 x 14mm). This plug is a snap-in connector and can transmit higher currents. With this change we offer our standard controller in a new version with Molex plug socket. If you want to use the controller with the round MAS 80 socket, we can provide you with the correct adapter cable.
• The mounting/top cover plate on the outer/large profile with integrated cable guide is available in two versions: with or without mounting lugs. If you use the version with mounting lugs, there is no need any more for an additional mounting plate.
• A newly designed alloy foot plate (part number EZ02407) can be used on the inner/small profile as a mounting plate.
• The Hexalift Generation 1.0 was available in four different versions:

o V1: 3200N / 9mm/s
o V2: 1600N / 18mm/s => V2: 2000N / 18mm/s
o V3: 1600N / 9mm/s => V3: 2000N / 9mm/s
o V4: 800N / 18mm/s

• The new Hexalift Generation 2.0 versions V2 und V3 can be operated with 2000N pushing force. This has been approved by detailed testing.
• All four versions offer maximum statical loads with the weight placed centrally or offset.
• The new Hexalift Generation 2.0 comes in ESD proof version as a standard.

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