HYDROMEC Worm gearboxes / Worm geared motors


Worm gearboxes have the great advantage of self-locking and can achieve the lowest speeds due to the large reduction range. Especially when using a helical worm gear or a twin worm geabox you are able to reduce the speed many times over. In addition, the gearboxes are considered to be quiet and vibration-damping and offer great advantages during assembly due to their hollow shaft and its machined mounting surfaces. The use of worm gearmotors is also considered very space-saving and thus meets the expectations of an economical assembly. HYDROMEC worm gearboxes are characterized by their high quality standard as well as their compact design.

We offer you our HYDROMEC worm gearboxes single or with attached electric motor in the versions round or rectangular as a simple worm gear, as a twin worm gear or as helical worm gear from stock. Available as aluminum, cast iron or stainless steel gearbox. You also have the option of generating the right drive for you based on our modular system. Whether special flange, special shaft, special mounting position or other special requirements – we assemble your individual worm gearmotor!

Of course you will also receive our worm geared motors, on request, as explosion-proof motor according to ATEX directives.

Extensive, technical details can be found in our downloadarea https://www.gemoteg.de/en/downloads-gearmotors/

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