HYDROMEC Shaft mounted gearbox / Shaft mounted gearmotor


Our shaft mounted gearboxes, also called flat gearboxes, are characterized primarily by the fact that they are extremely space-saving and yet very powerful. These flat gearboxes can be used in a variety of applications, making them ideal for use in confined spaces. The shaft mounted gearboxes are perfect for use in applications where the focus is on saving space and the gearboxes have to be installed in a confined space. An additional advantage of the flat gearbox is the simple assembly. The space-saving shaft mounted gearbox can be plugged directly onto the engine. All sizes of the gearbox types FA and FC are available. Our flat gearboxes are available in both aluminum and gray cast iron.

The shaft mounted gearboxes are available in different versions. It is possible to extend the gearboxes by feet, output flanges or 1- or 2-sided output shafts. In addition, spacer rings, shrink discs and protective caps are available as optional parts for the gearboxes.

On request, they can be supplied with a mounted electric motor as shaft mounted gearmotors or flat gearmotors. Electric motors with a motor power range from 0.09 to 30kW can be easily mounted. We also gladly offer you the motors as explosion-proof motors according to ATEX (ATEX motors).

You can download extensive technical details in our downloadarea https://www.gemoteg.de/en/downloads-gearmotors/.

Technical data:
-All sizes of gear types FA and FC available
-Power range from 0.09 to 30 kW can be added
-Torque from 120 to 2.200 Nm
-Ratio i = 5 – 62

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