HITACHI frequency inverter SJ700


The HITACHI frequency inverter SJ700 series drives are powerful, intelligent and dynamic all-rounders with vector control. The series is considered a high-end solution and is excellently suited for complex applications in plant engineering and mechanical engineering. The advanced sensorless vector control (ASLV) control developed by HITACHI, which is even more accurate and faster, is regarded as an advanced technology and, together with the integrated PLC / positioning control (Easy Sequence), provides even more flexibility for industrial applications.

We deliver our frequency inverters in the power range up to 450 kW. In addition, our products can be integrated into many common fieldbus systems.

Extensive, technical details can be found in our downloadarea here

Technical data:
-Motor power range from 0.75 to 450 kW can be added
-Voltage 1 x 230 V / 3 x 400 V
-Sensorless vector control
-Profibus, CanOpen, DeviceNet, Ethernet optional, internally pluggable
-Integrated Soft-SPS
-Starting torque 200% at 0.3 Hz
-EMC filter according to EN 61800-3

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