Helical gearboxes / Helical gearmotors


Helical gearboxes are characterized by high efficiency. The housing is made of aluminum or gray cast iron, the mounted motors are mounted via an IEC adapter. From stock one-stage, two-stage and three-stage helical gear units are available. High reduction ratios in the two-stage (up to i> 70) and in the three-stage range result in very low speeds at high output torques. By simply screwing down output flanges with different diameters and the possibility of attaching up to ten different feet, there are many mounting options. Up to six different output shaft diameters can be supplied for each gearbox. HYDROMEC helical gearboxes are characterized by their quality and practical design. We provide you the complete range of available HYDROMEC helical gearboxes ex stock or with short delivery times.

Of course, you will also receive our helical gearboxes with attached electric motors as helical gearmotors, on request also as explosion-proof motors according to ATEX directives.

Extensive, technical details can be found in our downloadarea https://www.gemoteg.de/en/downloads-gearmotors/

Technical data:
-All sizes from size 211 to 1103 available
-Motor power range from 0.09 to 55 kW can be added
-Torque from 4 to 3500 Nm
-Ratio i = 1,3 – 480

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