Height-adjustable monitor floor stand


Height-adjustable monitor floor stand

With the new height-adjustable monitor floor stand, RK Rose+Krieger is expanding its “RK monitor holder” product range to include a robust, ergonomic standing workstation for industry. The work surface and monitor mounting are supported by a stable triple column system and can be adjusted conveniently by hand to the size of the respective user.

The three elegant, slim anodised aluminium columns stand on a black, powder-coated base frame which provides space for an industrial PC and accessories. Cables are elegantly routed in the integrated cable duct on the rear column.

The light grey coated work surface (0.3 m2) can be adjusted by hand easily thanks to the tieback support. A spring-loaded locking bolt provides reliable latching. The height adjustment stroke is 400 millimetres. This way the workstation can be adjusted individually to the body size of the user. In addition, the height of the monitor can be adjusted separately and thus guarantees optimum workstation ergonomics.

The standard version of the monitor stand which RK Rose+Krieger supplies has feet and a pre-installed RK monitor mounting with rotary flange and round connecting plate. Pre-assembled modules are supplied for quick and easy set-up. Steering rollers for more mobility are also optionally available in place of feet. The stand can also be combined with all available RK monitor holders.

With the height-adjustable monitor stand, RK Rose+Krieger supplies a small, easily adjustable, ergonomic standing workstation for industry. It can be set up quickly and is much more economical than complex workstation systems. Thanks to its appealing design, the stand is also fully suitable for use at trade shows or in office and reception areas.

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