GEMOclean® Stainless steel gearboxes / Stainless steel gearmotors


GEMOclean® Stainless steel INOX gearboxes / Stainless steel INOX gearmotors

Our stainless steel gearboxes or stainless steel gearmotors are predestined for use in the meat and fish industry, in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries and in shipbuilding. Due to the easy-to-clean, smooth surface, the gears can be used particularly well in hygienic work areas. Corresponding FDA-approved oils, especially for use in the food industry, can be filled at any time.

In addition, stainless steel gearmotors offer the advantage of extreme corrosion resistance and provide exceptional resistance to harsh chemicals. These stainless steel gearmotors and gearboxes can be wetted in a temperature range from -35 ° to + 100 °. They are considered extremely economical due to their efficiency optimization.

Please find technical details in our downloadarea If you wish to have further information on our GEMOclean® stainless steel gearmotors please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

Technical Data:
-different sizes available
-Power range from 0,09 ÷ 2,2 kW
-Torque 4 ÷ 635 Nm
-Ratio i = 7 – 100
-Protection class IP69K

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