EasyTrax® series


– Sturdy 2-component design: solid chain body, flexible film hinge
Plastic chain links
– Extensive unsupported length
– Inside space is gentle on the cables – no interfering edges
– Very quiet through integrated noise damping
– Inside or outside openable
– Dividers for cable separation
– Single-part end connectors with integratable strain relief

– Very fast cable laying by simply pressing in the cables
– Very high fill level through lateral swivelling of the lamella – lamellae do not swivel into the cable space
– Each chain link consists of two different materials:
– Hard chain body made of glass-fibre reinforced material
– Lamellae with flexible film hinge made of special elastic plastic
– Sturdy cable carrier design
– High torsional rigidity
– Extensive unsupported length
– Very quiet through integrated noise damping

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