Covered Cable carrier UAT1555



1. The optimized cover construction provides outstanding protection
against penetration of dirt and chips
2. High-quality visual design
3. Very quiet thanks to internal noise damping system

The UAT1555 cable carrier provides outstanding protection for the routed cables and hoses. It has been developed for harsh environmental conditions with chips, dirt and dust and effectively prevents foreign bodies from entering the cable space.

The optimized geometry of the chain links makes the carrier very stable, with a large unsupported length. The integrated damping system makes it very quiet.

The carrier series is not just remarkable for its technical attributes, but also for its visual design, with its impressive style and functionality. For example, the almost completely smooth side band contour of the individual chain links presents hardly any gap through which foreign bodies could penetrate.

With the UMB connectors you can connect the UAT1555 easily from above, from below or at the front. The optional C-rails and LineFix saddle-type clamps allow the cables to be fixed securely and simply. C-rails and strain relief combs are fixed with the UMB connectors and do not have to be screwed separately.

– Outstanding protection for the cables
– Quick cable laying – outside opening variant
– Large unsupported length
– For unsupported and gliding arrangements
– Cover system also on the connection
– Simply unlock cover with a screwdriver
– Connectors with optional strain relief comb – also double
– Gentle on the cables – interior space without interfering edges
– Dividers and height separations for cable subdivision

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