Connectors for agricultural and construction machinery


The degree of automation is also constantly increasing in agricultural, construction and municipal technology and thus the need to equip machines with sensors and other electrical components.
With the increasing demands for efficiency in agriculture, precision farming is becoming more and more important. Precision Farming stands for the targeted management of agricultural land, such as the application of fertiliser and pesticides according to need, depending on the position on the land. To ensure the necessary communication between tractor, implements and agricultural management software, the manufacturer-independent ISOBUS is used.
DT-Serie/VSS-Superseal Series
Whether tractors, excavators or heavy construction machinery, the IVCM (Industrial Vehicles and Construction Machines) segment places high demands on the connectors used.The overmolded versions of the DT and VSS Superseal connector series developed by CONEC offer optimum protection even in the most difficult applications such as underground, at temperatures below zero or in dusty, hot environments.
Junction system typs S, M, L
The new CONEC junction system type S, M, L provides a flexible way to integrate moulded branches/outlets into electrical connecting lines such as e.g. cable harnesses.

CPC connector series
In addition to agricultural and automotive engineering, CPC connectors are frequently used in control cabinets, robotics, injection moulding machines and machine tools. This design is a robust connector which, in contrast to the previous agricultural connectors in the CONEC product range, has a threaded connection with positive detent and is smaller in size than, for example, an Isobus connector. Both, single and double outlet versions for the cable, as well as termination caps, are available.