Artec 3D Micro


Product information “Artec 3D Micro”
Artec Micro
A high-precision 3D desktop scanner, which is ideally suited for filigree objects such as machine parts, jewellery or even in the dental field. The new Artec Micro is a fully automatic 3D scanner as a desktop version with user-friendly operation and absolute accuracy. Make metrology scans easily and quickly with the new Artec Micro. Artec Micro works with absolute precision and accuracy and is therefore perfect for fine work and small objects. Ideal for use in the dental industry, jewellery industry, quality control or reverse engineering, design or precision engineering. Experience perfect scans right on your desktop. Artec Micro is equipped with the latest technology. Create a digital image of your subject in stunning quality with just a few images.

Artec Micro Specifications
3D Accuracy Up to 10 microns (0. 01 mm)
3D Resolution Up to 0. 029 mm
Full Color Scanning Yes
Object Size 90 × 60 × 60 mm
Target Free Scanning Yes
Output Formats All popular formats including STL, OBJ, BTX Light Source Blue LED