314-PAL – the flexible solution for machine pallets


– Maximum utilization of the machines
– High load capacity up to max. 1.200kg
– Independent of the manufacturer, any common machine tool can be
– Linking of up to 6 machine tools
– Fully automated overall process – milling, turning, grinding and
measuring in one system
– Extension of tool capacity through the robot system
– Handling of active clamping devices and workpieces
– Free access to the engine room
– Decoupling of individual machines from the automation network –
ideal for set-up operations
– Repeat accuracy through zero point clamping system
– External setup station – Full accessibility during setup
– Simple and intuitive user interface – completely without a robot panel
– No process interruption in the event of a machine failure
– Order, NC, workpiece and tool management
– Detailed evaluation via BDE and MDE
– Interface to CAD / CAM and ERP system