New: Ultrasonic sensor series UFA2 – Miniature distance sensors and proximity switches


As the successor of the UFA series, the ultrasonic sensors of the UFA2 series offer improved linearity (<0.4 % compared to <1 %) while maintaining the same measuring range of 20…200 mm. Unlike their predecessors, the UFA2 sensors can also be used in low temperature ranges down to -25 °C.

The proven housing made of nickel-plated brass with M12 thread allows a fast installation and a protection class of IP67. The ultrasonic sensors are available as distance sensors with anlog output (0…10 V / 4…20 mA switchable) or proximity switches with switching output (NPN / PNP, NC / NO switchable).

The ultrasonic sensors are also available in the following two versions:

With the Focusbeam version, the sound beam of the sensor becomes particularly narrow, allowing the sensor to measure in narrow tubes, such as bottle necks.

In the chemical-resistant (CP) version, the sensor's membrane is coated with a thin PTFE foil and the front is protected with a PVDF cap. This makes the front part of the sensor insensitive to most chemicals.

In addition to these variants, the standard version can also be equipped with the radial beam accessories. This deflects the sound beam by 90° and eliminates the blind area.

Typical fields of application for the sensors are: bottling plants, presence monitoring, fill level measurement and distance monitoring.

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