M12x1 Connector series with bayonet quick locking


At the SPS connect, CONEC introduced the extension of the M12x1 connector series with bayonet quick locking. The bayonet quick locking system allows safe and quick locking even in areas that are difficult to reach and/or not visible. With the “three-point” bayonet locking it is possible to lock the connection by hand with a 90 ° turn. You get a direct tactile and acoustic feedback as soon as the connector is locked.

In order to meet the mechanical requirements with regard to tightness to dusts and liquid media in the industrial environment, the new M12 bayonet version from CONEC does not require any additional tool for locking. The CONEC bayonet locking variant thus offers simplified handling and at the same time secure transmission of signals and data to the user.

In addition to the variants of socket connectors female with print connection and overmoulded connectors male already presented on the last SPS, the series is now complemented by new variants in the versions socket connectors with wire connection, overmoulded connectors male and socket connectors female with cable.

The presented socket variants are equipped with a M12x1 thread, therefore they are 100% backwards compatible with the standard M12x1 connector system (screw connection). Thus, new systems can be equipped with the M12 bayonet without any problems.

The M12 bayonet series is presented as standard in the codings A and D. The sockets with wire termination are available in axial form for front and back panel mounting. On page two, the socket connectors with cable can be equipped with different connector systems, such as an RJ45 or M12x1 connector.

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