Here at ETTINGER, precision matters.


With this move, we’re resigning the difficult, time-consuming process of taking precise measurements firmly to the past. The KEYENCE measurement system can perform measurements on as many as 100 identically structured objects at once, making it especially useful for saving time in our in-house production facilities and incoming goods inspection processes.
The new measurement system will allow us to take measurements with outstanding accuracy within the ±0.1 μm range – not only on milled, turned, and stamped parts, but also on connector housings and assemblies based on technical drawings.

Applications at ETTINGER:
– Checking prototypes and initial samples, as measurements are based on traceability of international standards
– Incoming goods inspections
– Reducing the risk of error, even as the number of inspections increases
– Improving quality by measuring aspects that have not previously been inspected
– Creating test reports for documentation: This will allow us to implement documentation and reporting requirements stipulated by the medical sector, the military, and the production industry

The KEYENCE measurement system will allow us to deliver even better quality to our customers.
KEYENCE is a leading light in the field of technology for sensors, measurement systems, labeling systems, identification systems, microscopes, and image processing systems, and is one of the world’s top providers of automation and quality assurance solutions.
We would like to thank KEYENCE for helping us integrate the new device seamlessly into our facilities, and for the extensive training our staff received.

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