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Since 1998 we have been successfully active in the industrial market as Webware-Experts OHG. We develop, plan and implement progressive and innovative IT solutions as an IT service company at three locations. Our technological and methodical know-how allows us to work with different customer groups and partners across industries and to provide IT services adapted to individual requirements.

Our product line bundles service and production process competencies in proprietary predictive maintenance, predictive quality and production monitoring solutions for industrial use. The software provides machine and plant operators with economic, technical and organizational advantages. It includes all the key areas of advanced machine and plant maintenance: service management, predictive maintenance and production monitoring, cooperation options, incident analysis and resolution, and documentation. It is based on modern technologies with a strong focus on innovation. As a modular platform for maintenance support, the software follows a combined edge and cloud computing approach in line with Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things. We also use, for example, anomaly detection via machine learning to predict defects, or AI hardware for object recognition in real time based on artificial neural networks (deep learning).

In addition to our product line, our services support all phases of IT projects and modernize the core processes (such as service, procurement or logistics) of companies. From project planning to implementation and support, we also bring our expertise to bear as a research and development partner within the scope of cooperation in the industrial environment, especially in mechanical and plant engineering.

We work closely with our customers and partners to optimize business and IT processes, making them more efficient, more economical and more future-proof. In our company, we therefore pursue the goal of customer satisfaction across all services. We achieve this not only through the quality of our solutions, but also through partnership. In this way, we build on a communicative, transparent and trusting basis for a long-term and successful cooperation.



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