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The company Ott Antriebstechnik is a traditional company in the electrical industry, which is growing sustainably and has been taking its central place for decades in the supply of various customer groups at home and abroad. For over 65 years, the family business has earned a great reputation for the numerous products as well as for the flexibility and the good service.

The company sees itself as a producer, modifier and distributor of motors and controls and is known as a reliable business partner. Due to the high quality and longevity of the products, it enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry.

As a representative of Nidec (formerly Valeo, ITT Automotive and SWF) and Transtecno, Dematek, Kaleja, DKM and Nidec Servo about 100.000 motors and more than 2.000 controllers and power supply units are on stock. This makes it possible to react quickly to the requirements of our customers. In addition, we also offer the appropriate controls and power supplies for engines.

In our production, customer-specific modifications to motors, such as shaft machining, construction of incremental encoders and plug connections are realized. These special productions are also carried out in the smallest quantities. This allows complete system solutions to be configured and manufactured according to your requirements.

OTT GmbH & Co. KG advises and supports you in your tasks. On-site we will inform you about your requirements, choose with your developers and constructors and work out the most economical system solutions.


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