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ELTRA Elektromaschinen- und Transformatorenbau GmbH is a modern, international company with approx. 70 employees working at its premises in Germany (54518 Osann-Monzel, Rhineland-Palatinate). The company has been designing and manufacturing a broad range of high-quality transformers, inductors and power supply units for 30 years.

In addition to our standard programme, we specialise in customer-specific planning, construction and manufacturing.

Our special programme includes water-cooled transformers for welding equipment, transformers and inductors for textile, automobile and wind energy technology, as well as for the marine industry. It also includes high-voltage dry transformers for water treatment, ozone and foil coating systems, as well as isolating transformers, special solutions for research purposes and much more.

One of our company’s areas of expertise is customer-specific inductors, sinusoidal filters, Du/dt filters and three-phase dry transformers up to 900 kVA with state-of-the-art copper or aluminium band windings.

Give us a try and find out for yourself.

Find out more now on our website at www.eltra-trafo.de and get in touch with us.


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