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Automation, electronics and information technology in the industrial environment are the profession of E.P. Elektro-Projekt in Weingarten. Our customers commission us to develop and build customized products and plants, to commission and support them worldwide.

What we offer, you cannot buy in a store. But very often we contribute to the production of products for daily use. Such products can be found, for example, in our houses, our cars, our food and our clothing.

Engineering and production from one source for worldwide use

– In the field of automation, we plan and build control systems and instrumentation for industrial production and put them into operation worldwide. Most of the time we realize unique products, which are exactly tailored to the products and needs of our customers in the plastics, food and automotive industries. We focus on the (re)tracking of production processes as well as the processing and preparation of production data – always with the aim of making processes transparent, safe and efficient.

– In the field of electronics we develop and manufacture devices and components for our customers for use in industrial environments. Often we are at the limit of what can be achieved with electronics. Heat, cold, vandalism at high packing density are typical challenges for the products we develop and manufacture. To supply our customers reliably and to the point is our claim to ourselves, which begins in the development and continues through production and delivery to the further development of the products.

EP is a family-owned company and our strategy and actions are based on long-term reliability and dependability. Passion, creativity and continuity are our guiding principles. We have been working with many of our customers in partnership for decades. What applies externally also applies internally: We accept our challenges with personnel continuity and consistent training and further education. Our success is based on the high technological competence of our employees, our working atmosphere characterized by mutual support and fairness as well as the successful mixture of Swabian down-to-earthness and international experience.



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