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3D-MODEL specializes in the sales of 3D printers, 3D scanners and 3D software as well as Additive Manufacturing and 3D scanning services.

In the Additive Manufacturing industry 3D-MODEL offers different technologies and machines from numerous renowned manufacturers. These are 3DCERAM, Formlabs, Markforged and Roboze. For 3D Scanners 3D-MODEL is the partner from Artec3D where we offer the complete portfolio range.

With the current portfolio from 3D-MODEL in 3D Printers and 3D Scanner, can 3D-MODEL offer a complete solution for all customer requirements in various industries with the latest technologies. In the 3D printing sector, everything is available, from small desktop devices for SMEs to solutions for large scale industries. The 3D scanners from Artec 3D also offer a breathtaking variety of variants: handheld scanners, desktop scanners, and laser long-distance scanners. Here 3D-MODEL can cover all scanning needs.

One of the upmost priority of 3D-MODEL is finding the right solution to customer demands, which includes everything from data acquisition to the finished end part. Together we will find the right technology for you to revolutionize your production and obtain optimal results.

3D-MODEL is an international company with two locations. One seated in Zurich, Switzerland, the other in Germany,Bad Waldsee.




Für die Großserienproduktion oder große Bauteile, die ab dem C100 EASY skalierbar sind, ist der C3600 optimal geeignet. Er überzeugt auf ganzer Linie mit seinen zahlreichen Eigenschaften: Industriedrucker Stereolithographielaser Kostenlose Link-Support-Technologie Reduzierter Stückpreis / Teil Geringere Reinigungszeit Optimal für den Seriendruck geeignet 3D MIX KERAMIKEN FÜR DEN SOFORTIGEN EINSATZ IM 3D-DRUCKVERFAHREN Die Keramik von 3DCERAM

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